Monday, December 20, 2010

Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet: The Strong Competitor of Apple iPad - - Proved It's Existence with Released Videos

After a lot of whispering and rumours; at last Notion Ink Adam Android tablet device comes into life at least in the recently released video, watch below after the jump.  

From very beginning with its announced specs, Notion Ink Adam Android tablet device seems to be a real competitor to the  Apple iPad and other tablets coming out in 2011 such as BlackPad , the RIM BlackBerry Playbook.
The released video is a clear demo of a working Notion Ink Adam Android tablet and the Eden UI that everybody has been so keen to see. Sean Hollister over on US tech website, Engadget, reports about the responsive screen, plug ‘n play peripherals and the user-friendly interface and seems pretty impressed by what he’s seen of the device so far.

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