Monday, December 20, 2010

New Proofs of Life Beyond Earth Discovered by NASA Scientists

NASA scientists have made a new discovery that may prove life beyond Earth. They found 19 different types of amino acids in a meteorite from the asteroid 2008 TC3 that should not exist. Studies indicate that the meteorite was formed from the collision between two asteroids, which would raise the temperature of the rock above 1000 ° C, which would extinguish any body alive.

The major contribution of this study is the probability of an alternative means of formation of amino acids in space. If you once thought you had to water and low temperatures, shows that the meteorite amino acids can be created at high temperatures.

Amino acids are molecules essential for living cells to make proteins and from that, energy. They are obtained through food or else by the body itself.

This finding may be more important than the recent and controversial bacteria based on arsenic. Besides being able to prove the possibility of extraterrestrial life, it gives strength to the theory that comets can provide the materials needed to start life on a planet; with that we may become increasingly convinced that we are not alone.

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