Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maid Trains: A Project Carried Out by Seibu Railways - - The Latest Trendy News From Japan

The Japanese are widely known for their innovation and quick thinking. And now adding to their list of innovating thoughts is the latest offering from the land of the rising sun – Maid Trains. If you want to experience the warmth of the cafĂ© maids, their cute uniforms, giggly smiles and sweet voices, all you have to is book yourself a ride on the all new Maid Train, a project carried out by Seibu Railways.

This initiative is mainly being carried out to lure passengers to ride by the trains that are seeing a rapid fall in the number of passengers. Since the route travels largely through Japan’s gaming and animation hub zones, the passengers can get a true feel of anime. They can also pose for photographs with the maids. All in all, a cartoonish, feel-good environment is created for the passengers on board.

The maids, popularly considered to be modern day representations of Geishas, are causing a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the Japanese railway sectors. They themselves are very enthused, and love their job, which is very evident. You too can enjoy a ride with these cheerful, singing and dancing young women and enjoy your train journey in a truly unique way.

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