Monday, December 20, 2010

LED Footwear: Addition to Tron-inspired Stuff From Edmundo Castillo - - Light Sandals Priced at $1,650 Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Edmundo Castillo continues the line of Tron-inspired stuff. From motorcycles to fashion, LED footwear is the next piece in the line of ‘Tron’ accessories. 

These wicked wedges were constructed from the awesome gadgets featured in the upcoming ‘Tron’ movie. Available soon at Saksfifthavenue and priced at almost $1,700, these beauties don’t come cheap. Regardless, there is no doubt that these killer Edmundo Castillo kicks will have you at the center of attention. 

Edmundo Castillo has produced some amazing, Tron inspired, LED footwear in homage to the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Priced at $1,650, the Light Sandals will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue from February 1 and use the same electroluminescent material used for the costumes in “Tron: Legacy.”

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