Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Honda a Step Ahead in Greener Environment - - A Solar-powered Public EV Charging Station to Be Tested in Different Cities of Japan Honda

The worldwide acceptance of EV’s (Electric Vehicles) is mainly hurdled by the lack of proper set up and infrastructure to fuel/charge the electric vehicles. Honda has exposed plans, as a part of finding the solution, to test a solar-powered public EV charging station and conduct a range of tests on electric vehicles in real-world urban transportation environments. 

The plan is going to be tested in Japanese cities of Saitama, Kumagaya and Chichibu, with the goal to achieve “Total Energy Management”. Including EVs, plug-in hybrid vehicles, EV-neo electric scooter and the Monpal ML200 4-wheel electric cart, the program will also test the feasibility of a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station for public use.

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