Friday, December 17, 2010

Bigg Boss Season 4 - - Jungle Queen, Seema Parihar: The Latest Eviction From Bigg Boss House

Seema Parihar, Jungle queen of Chambal, has been evicted from Bigg Boss 4. She was nominated along with Sameer Soni, WWE star Great Khali. Seema Parihar exhibited very well as she managed to stay in the Bigg Boss house for a long time, despite of no fan following.

Maximum number of votes earned by Seema Parihar due to her simple nature and sincere behaviour with almost all of the inmates of Bigg Boss House during her long stay there. Her duration of stay in the Bigg Boss house was absolutely surprising due to her de-glam factor and no celebrity support.

 Seema Parihar got good relationship with almost every member of the Bigg Boss house, along with a special bonding with Shweta Tiwari

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