Monday, November 8, 2010

Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Sportscar From BMW - - Eco-friendly and Fuel Efficient Car Offers a Mileage of 75.1mpg And a CO2 Emission Rating of 99 Grams Per Kilometer

BMW has finally announced that its Vision EfficientDynamics concept vehicle will enter production. Initially showcased at the IAA last year, the four seater sportscar is being touted to combine the performance of a BMW M Car with the fuel economy and emissions bettering a small car. 

The vehicle is powered by the company’s ActiveHybrid technology, which includes a 3-cylinder turbo diesel engine coupled with a hybrid synchronous motor for the front axle and a full hybrid engine at the rear axle. Combined the powertrains generate 328bhp of power, allowing the vehicle to hit a speed of 62mph in just 4.8 seconds.

The vehicle’s lithium-polymer rechargeable battery pack offers an emission free ride of about 50km after which the diesel engine kicks in to add 650km of range on 24-liters of diesel. The fuel efficient car offers a mileage of 75.1mpg and a CO2 emission rating of 99 grams per kilometer. Recharging the battery pack takes just 2.5 hours using a conventional power socket. The company hasn’t revealed the exact launch date and the price of the vehicle.

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