Friday, November 5, 2010

Recent Sports Match-up: Maria Sharapova Gets Engaged With Los Angeles Lakers Star Sasha Vujacic

This is a match made in sports heaven, Los Angeles Lakers star Sasha Vujacic recently proposed to his girlfriend, the tall tennis star Maria Sharapova. Miss Sharapova seems to be very happy with the turn of events and why not, her engagement ring is estimated to be worth over $250,000. She was seen proudly showing it off all around town. The ring is made of platinum and has a beautiful diamond set in it.

According to jewellery expert Michael O’Connor the center stone is a cushion-cut diamond of around 7 to 8 carats encrusted on a thick, split-shank band. Sharapova had signed a deal with Tiffany & Co. long time back, but it isn’t sure whether this engagement ring is by Tiffany’s or not. And how did the guy propose? Well it wasn’t too flashy and the proposal infact took place in his home in Manhattan Beach, California.

The bride to be says that she feels very spoilt. I am sure she does! A wedding date hasn’t been set as yet, but I am sure it would garner a lot of media attention as usual. Well, we wish the couple many congratulations and hope that they make very tall, beautiful babies.

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