Friday, November 5, 2010

Delrome PN-60W: Perfect for Emergency Situations - - Delivers Precise GPS Locations Also Be Used as a Satellite Text Messaging Instrument

One of the leading satellite mapping and GPS companies in the U.S, Delrome, has now announced the launch of an all new state of the art GPS device called, Delrome PN-60W, that not only delivers precise GPS locations, but can also be used as a satellite text messaging instrument, perfect for emergency situations. The PN-60W GPS device has been designed and developed keeping in mind the vital need of communications in areas where there is very little or no cellular connectivity, such as the mountainous regions, forests etc. The users can now rely on the PN-60W device to contact their family and friends as well as emergency services via direct satellite texts, without having to rely on cellphone networks. Delrome PN-60W has been embedded with maps of the entire North American region and the device even enables the users to post their text messages to major social networking services on the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Fire Eagle,, and

Delrome has also introduced another GPS device called, Delrome PN-60, that provides the same level of excellent GPS services, but lacks the ability to send text messages. The PN-60 comes with GPX file support, that would enable a user to manage and save waypoints more effectively for greater accuracy. Also, this new GPS device has been given with an elevation profile tool that pinpoints user location, new power management and display options. The PN-60 comes with a built in 3.5 GB or memory.

The Deltrome PN-60 and PN-60W series of GPS devices have been designed to be extremely rugged and waterproof, while both the models have been given a high-sensitivity 32-channel GPS chipset, and dual-core processor. The Delrome PN-60 is available for purchase with a price tag of $399.95 and PN-60W carries a price tag of $549.95

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