Monday, November 15, 2010

Netbooks and Notebooks Going to be the Story of Past - - Android Based Tablets Will Sweep the Future Market, Said by Jen Huang

Tablets running Android will flood the market and drastically affect sales of netbooks and notebooks.

The statement is from Jen Huang, chief executive of chip maker and Nvidia. According to Huang, the tablet market is still incipient in the world, but this category of hardware should “bombing” in the coming years.

For Huang, the next generation of tablets with Android to surpass the quality of fabric used in the iPad and a little dim the brightness of the Apple tablet.

“We’re seeing car manufacturers, telephone companies and government investing in solutions based on tablets. This points to a future with many types of computers,” he said during a conference in the United States, which released its quarterly earnings report from Nvidia, which showed earnings acceleration.

The executive also pointed out that the new processors which will follow the Nvidia Tegra 2 – 600 MHz chip currently used in mobile devices – will be faster than the processor’s rival iPad and as economic – in terms of energy consumption – the Tegra 2.

The mobile processor market is gaining momentum in sales of Nvidia, at the same time that sales of video cards may have downward direction, Wall Street experts analyzed after Huang detailing the balance of your company and its future prospects.

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