Monday, November 15, 2010

Bigg Boss Season 4 - - All Set to Welcome Pamela Anderson: The Hot, Sexy and Sultry Babe of Barb-wire

Bigg Boss House is set to welcome the new Hollywood celebrity. Guess who? You won’t need a hint more than the word “Barb-wire”. Yes, you are right. The hot babe of Barb-wire, Pamela Anderson, who certainly needs no introduction, has been paid Rs. 2.5 crores for her three days stay in Bigg Boss house. She is expected to arrive Mumbai tonight.

A representative from the ‘Colors’ channel publicized that being an international figure Pamela Anderson justifies the money for her show-off in the Bigg Boss House. Apparently, the paid amount Rs 2.5 crores is almost twice the amount paid to any other contestants on the show.

Pamela Anderson’s appearance in Bigg Boss is following the trend of inviting white celebrity on the reality show in every season. Jade Goody made her presence on Season 2, while, Claudia Ciesla in Season 3 of 'Bigg Boss' series.

Pamela Anderson’s appearance is going to boost up TRP ratings of Bigg Boss 4 because Pamela is surely ranked far beyond these two previous celebrities. The interaction between Bollywood hunk and the sexiest icon over the past decades will be interesting and going to hook up the viewers.

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