Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miley Cyrus Turning 18 on November 23 - - Wishing a Patch-up Between Her Parents as a Birthday Gift

Miley Cyrus, who's turning 18 on 23rd of November. She is very excited and wants her 18th birthday to be grand. Miley Cyrus reveals that her birthday wish is to spend quality time with her family and to go on a beach holiday.  

Miley Cyrus is hoping her upcoming 18th birthday celebrations will help to bring her family together following the shocking news that her mum and dad are to divorce.

The pop star and actress is planning a low-key family affair for her 18th on November 23.

She says, "We need time to all be together … I'm not going to go crazy; have a fun party and then maybe take a vacation with my family... because that would be really cool.

"I have to be near the water and I love doing scuba and going out and being on a boat."

Ironically, her life so far spans her parents' marriage - Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus married shortly after she was born 17 years ago.

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