Friday, November 12, 2010

microSD Integrated Watch: Memory Card Inside the Watch Band - - Stylish Look With a Stainless Steel Bezel, Back Cover And Buckle

Let’s face it, unless you keep your microSD cards inside your phone, your card adapter, or camera, they are incredibly easy to lose. So why not keep them in something you carry everyday like a watch?

This microSD integrated watch allows you to safely tuck in your memory card inside the watch band without the use of a card adapter. The watch has a stylish look with a stainless steel bezel, back cover and buckle. Product specifications say that the watch is water-proof, shock and static-proof, has a three year battery life, and a LED status indicator for the card reader. While this watch isn’t the first of its kind, this one stands out because it’s one of the few with its own flip-out USB cable located where the microSD is stored. This means direct connection from the watch to the computer without additional accessories.

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