Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Caze ThinEdge Case - - Claimed to be The Thinest iPhone 4 Case

If you have suffered from reception issues with the dreaded iPhone death grip. A new iPhone 4 case from Caze my be worth a look. The new Caze ThinEdge case is as you would expect thin, but this case is extremely thin adding only 1mm to your iPhone when added.

Caze claims that the ThinEdge is the worlds thinnest iPhone 4 frame case, and at 1mm I could believe them.

The ThinEdge is constructed from thin hard-shell plastic and fits snuggly around the edge of your phone without hindering acces to the phones controls. It also protects the edges of the iPhone by protruding slightly above the front screen & back of the iPhone 4.

The ThinEdge is available to purchase from Caze for $23 and currently comes with 1x Front Screen Protector (Clear), 1 x Back Glass Protector (Clear), 1 x Mircofiber Cleaning Cloth.

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