Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raindrum: The Best Thing to Carry on a Rainy Day - - An Amazing Musical Umbrella Designed by Dong Min Park

The relationship between rain and music is age old. Be it Beatles with their famous rain song, Guns and Roses singing November Rain or Led Zeppelin crooning on “Fool in the rain”, everyone is invariably in love with the sound of rainfall. In fact, as the rain drops on the ground, the whole world turns musical. It seems as if nature plays its favourite beats on the ground, on the pavement, padio and your umbrella. Now imagine if your umbrella can actually turn into a unique musical instrument. Yes, a raindrum, with with various kinds of sound outputs.

While playing on a usual drum, the hi-hat, crash and tom-tom needs a high frequency of drumstick to make the range bigger, on the other hand bass and snare needs a lower frequency for a smaller range of sound. That’s why the shade of this umbrella contains five wax cloth made shades with different elasticity that makes diverse sounds with fall of every raindrop. Yellow is tom-tom, green- the crash rym, red makes the sound of Bass, blue is Hi-hat Cym and purple-the snare. These different coloured clothes also make the umbrella look swanky and unique. Designed by Dong Min Park, it is surely the best thing to carry on a rainy day.

So picture a romantic day and rain falling with all its glory, everything looks new and fresh. You step out with your rain drum umbrella and it creates the perfect sounds for you to hum and enjoy every bit of the monsoon.

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