Monday, October 5, 2009

Yinnon Lehrer’s Innovation Design - - Long Term Bike Parking Offers Both Safety and Comfort

Bicycling is a lifestyle that is rapidly overtaking metropolises the world over, creating a increasing need for long term bike parking. Yet, as so succinctly puts it, “‘long term parking’ is another way of saying ‘your bike got jacked’.” With Yinnon Lehrer’s innovation design, however, this may not have to be the case.

Featuring counterweight manual parking apparatuses, this vertical long term bike parking will not only offer an eco-friendly system, but will also be a natural advertisement for biking in general. There are three types of stations: kiosk, which has an urban lounge, hi-density, with a self maintenance unit and metro, which features showers and a lounge on top.

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