Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Torree's Creations - - Magical and Creepy at the Same Time

Every little girl wants a pony—and what little girl wouldn’t want a unicorn pony?! Well, every little girl would want one if taxidermy unicorns were actually available to children.

We’re hoping these taxidermy unicorns not for children. Etsy seller Torree has done something simultaneously whimsical and morbid—taken still-born lamb fetuses, mounted them, put a horn on their head and created taxidermy unicorns.

You can own one of these taxidermy unicorns for the low, low price of only $600.

"This is a CUSTOM mounted white unicorn. His horn sparkles with the shimmer of little rainbows from the inside out! His mane and tail blow softly in the breeze! He is attached to a base so that he will stand securely and not tip over. He was made from a baby lamb that died of natural causes shortly after birth. I crafted the piece into the likeness of a unicorn."

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