Thursday, October 8, 2009

WiFi Body Scale - - Super Thin And Very Cool Looking Weighing Scale

This WiFi Body Scale is a super thin and very cool looking weighing scale which…um…tells you how much you weigh. Awesome eh? Oh right, it also automatically beams your weight onto teh Internets via WiFi when you step on the scale. This means that you – or a very special loved one – can monitor your body state from any computer in the world at any time. Sounds completely delicious doesn’t it? Pass the mustard, Jack. €129.00.

Each time you weigh yourself. Everyday the WiFi scale measures your lean and fat mass automatically. This allows you to concentrate on the origins of your weight variations. The web dashboard offers a rich graphical interface with easy browsing over time and allows you to zoom in on the date ranges of your choice. You therefore take pleasure in observing the evolution of your fitness in a simple, intuitive environment.

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