Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Qteros and Applied CleanTech Teamed-Up to Produce Biofuel From Sewage

Until date, researchers have been suggesting ways to recycle wastewater solids to nullify their harmful impact on the environment. Reforming this practice, a joint Israel-US venture will seek to collect Recyllose, i.e. a recycled solids-based material produced from municipal wastewater, and produce ethanol from it at a demonstration plant.

Qteros and Applied CleanTech have teamed up for the project wherein the former will license its microbes while the latter will ensure the actual production of wastewater ethanol. Qteros’ microbes are capable of converting one ton of Recyllose into 120 to 135 gallons of ethanol. The project site, cost and production stats are not yet revealed. If all goes well, the team wishes to sell the fuel or power the plant using it.

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