Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DWP's Saraya 1 Residential Tower in Abu Dhabi Will Achieve a LEED Gold Certification

Design World Partnership (dwp) has been awarded a contract from Aabar Investments to provide a sustainable 41-storey luxury tower in Saraya Abu Dhabi. Dubbed Saraya 1, the tower will be one of the thirty towers that are being planned for the area. The sustainable tower with make use of various environmentally conscious strategies that will help it achieve the LEED Gold status.

The undulating tower will carry curvilinear façade that will change the color and shade according to the location and the intensity of sun. The overall façade makes use of state-of-the-art glass curtains with thermal insulation and use low-VOC building materials. To further optimize energy use, the developers will design balconies that can optionally open up.

Indoor air quality will be kept good with the use of air filtration systems and natural ventilation. In addition to this, several waste reduction and recycling strategies will also be incorporated. The tower will also be equipped with systems to harness rainwater and façade condensation, which will be treated using a gray water treatment facility before being reused.

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