Friday, October 9, 2009

Phantom Chair Designed by Stefano Merlo - - A Unique Item For Your Home

Planning to get home the unique stuff can be scary. You don’t believe me? Well, you gotta check out the Phantom Chair by Stefano Merlo. Taking inspiration from the fear of dark and the emotional outburst when the light goes off, this chair makes you feel like you’re entering into the world of shadows. At this point, I thought it would have been interesting to give life to a chair, or better, to give every cheap chair the possibility to have a second life once dark: as well as happened to Cinderella. Phantom Chair is a transparent silicon-rubber veil that when light goes off glows Electroluminescent Wires. It’s just like the ordinary chair when light is on or during daytime, gets into the real form when light is turned off. Those with fear of dark, I would suggest not to get it home. Not for the faint hearted! I love this unique ghostly chair, I’m sure you too will!

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