Monday, October 12, 2009

“The Only Voice Interactive Coffee Maker” - - Your Technology Partner to Satisfy Your Love For Coffee

If you were feeling lazy to prepare coffee using coffee machines, you would like to hear this bit of information. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling “The Only Voice Interactive Coffee Maker” for $100 which comes with interactive voice command features.

This means, you can talk to your coffee machine and ask it to make coffee for you. “Set the coffee brewing time,” or “Set the clock,” are a couple of commands which will make the coffee machine to ask you “Please say the time, including AM or PM.” After which the coffee would be ready automatically and you could enjoy a hot cuppa coffee when you want.

Moreover, if all this technology irritates you, you could go get a coffee the old fashioned way using the same machine. I am sure the old method of using the coffee pan is a much better and convenient method to make coffee. So go ahead and get this amazing coffee maker if you are keen on technology, and if you are not, stick to your old fashioned coffee pan.

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