Monday, October 12, 2009

Curvy Beauty Mesmerizes Even in a Bike - - Hidemax Cycle Designed By Servet Yuksel: With A Beauty of Curves Alongwith Ultra Performance Functionality

Hidemax Cycle is a bike that is curvy and that is one of its most important selling points. Of course, the bike has many technical specifications but the idea of a sensuous and curvaceous bike is something that is not only novel but also enduring.

The bicycle’s shape itself helps it to enhance many other qualities expected of a bike such as speed, functionality, looks, comfort, resistance and durability. Adjustable height, twin shock absorbers, and a completely sexy and bump-free ride is what the Hidemax Cycle gives you.

It has been designed by acclaimed designer Servet Yuksel and is one of the best things to look forward to this fall. Bikes are not just for a good and fit lifestyle but also, they can be a style statement to many people. You would certainly not want to take a bike to the park that makes you look like a geezer. A cool and sexy bike like the Hidemax Cycle takes care of all such worries and more!

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