Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The New Balance 070 - - Made By Eco-Friendly Materials

The New Balance 070, a vegan-friendly trail shoe, is now available in stores. It uses material-saving design and eco-friendly materials like rice husk rubber, water based adhesives and reduced impact synthetics.

According to the shoe’s website, the NB70 is “made with a reduced waste design and recycled materials” and will help you “step into a smaller carbon footprint.”

The crunchy apple green color is a nice granola touch too!

"For Loyal New Balance wearers there’s no need to fear, the 070 features a C-CAP midsole to provide the cushioning and support you’ve come to expect from a pair of NB’s. Both lightweight and durable, these kicks are perfect for a weekend hike or trip to the gym. Available at New Balance retailers or online for $70."

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