Thursday, October 8, 2009

"myTouch 3G Fender Phone" Limited Edition - - Released By T-Mobile

I doubt there will ever be a shortage of Fender fans out there and somehow I think Guitar Hero and games along those lines have created even more. Which makes T-mobile’s new special edition phone a great idea. At this point there’s a slight guitar craze even among those that don’t have a clue about guitars. Fender has become much like Harley in that people that don’t drive Harley’s still wear the products. Well this myTouch has a Fender look that’s bound to please any guitar lovers out there.

T-mobile has added more than that to their myTouch 3G. They’ve created a newer version that will be released later this year. It will have a 3.5mm headphone jack that will make things much easier for those that decide to pick up the phone. The Fender version itself comes with a pretty woodgrain finish. Then to top it off they’re tossing in a 16GB microSD card that is coming preloaded with music content. Right now there isn’t a whole lot of word on the actual release date though.

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