Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Interactive Portal T-Shirt From ThinkGeek - - Features And Embedded TFT LCD Display, Plus a Wireless 5.8GHz Pinhole Video Camera in The Front

Here is a fun geeky t-shirt for all the portal fans out there, the Interactive Portal T-Shirt.

The Interactive Portal T-Shirt features and embedded TFT LCD display, plus a wireless 5.8GHz pinhole video camera in the front, in order for them to work you will need one of each t-shirt, check out the video of them in action below.

"The finished product you see here uses two wireless 5.8 GHz video cameras mounted in the front of each shirt along with two high-res LCD TFT screens. The camera in the orange shirt transmits the image to the blue shirt, and vise versa. In this manner it seems as if a fully functional portal has been created between the chests of both subjects."

If you want one they are quite expensive at $99 each, and you will need one of each, available from Think Geek.

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