Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle '321 Water Bottle' - - Blends The Portability of Water and Filtration Syatem

Early this year, Marissa spotted a new eco-friendly water bottle design called the ‘321 Water Bottle’ which blends the portability of bottled water with the potability of a filtration system.

Fast forward almost a year and Dutch designer and Melbourne‐based enviropreneur, Gretha Oost, has put a call out to the crowds to fund production of her award-winning eco-invention.

The first 10,000 founding orders will receive the Limited Edition 321 Water bottle and the satisfaction of being part of this innovative product’s journey to the market.

“All we need is 10,000 orders. We’ve an award winning prototype, a waiting list from around the world and a finger on the production button ready to press ‘go’. We don’t want to lose time looking for investors when we believe demand will bring 321 Water to market."

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