Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aviator 312 USB 3.0 External SSD From Active Media - - Giant Space With Ultra-Slim Features

This Active Media’s Aviator 312 USB 3.0 External SSD has a blistering fast read and write speed. Touching 240MB/s read and 160GB/s while writing and its available in 16GB to 64GB storage capacities.

A full 25GB HD film can be saved in about two minutes. USB 3.0 SSD’s only use 40% of the USB 3.0 theoretical bandwidth so there is still plenty of room to expand and increase the read/write speed even further.

The other beauty of these drives is their size, measuring only 3″ long and 0.2″ thick ( smaller than a credit card) and they will be the first to use a micro-USB 3.0 connector.Hopefully these beauties will be available to purchase before Christmas at around $209 for the 64GB, $119 for the 32GB and $89 for the 16GB

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