Thursday, October 8, 2009

54% North American Companies Forbidden Employees of Using Social Networkss Like Twitter & Facebook During the Work - - Robert Half Technology Researh

A research accomplished by Robert Half Technology reveals that 54% of the North American companies forbidden employees of using social networkss like Twitter and Facebook during the work.

Published yesterday, the report of the specialized company in human resources also discovered that 19% of the companies allow the use of such services just for subjects related to the businesses, while 16% liberate for personal use.

Of the 1400 IT managers interviewees, only 10% alleged to allow limitless use of the social nets during the file.

Another study, published in July by Nucleus Research, it also concludes that the productivity falls in 1.5% if the employees have permission to use social nets in an unrestricted way.

According to the Nucleus report, part of the employees used sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace for until two hours during the work day, although 87% of the interviewees have affirmed that don’t have any specific market interest for so much.

In spite of the presented data, nor all of the companies believe that to prohibit it is the best solution. NoƩ Hernandez, manager of the restaurant Zocalo, in Sacramento, California, hopes a friendly behavior of their employees in the social networkss can attract customers.

Even the American Navy preferred not to take a risk and it prohibited the use of social nets for their soldiers, although the own institution has its page in Facebook.

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