Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Android Powered i’mWatch: World's First Smartphone Watch by Blue Sky -- Set to be Showcased at CES in January 2012

Italian company Blue Sky has come up with a unique idea of the world’s first ‘smartphone watch’ dubbed as "i’mWatch". Claimed to be the “first real smartwatch in the world”, the gadget lets users to take phone calls, receive text messages and check Facebook and Twitter feeds on the 1.5-inch touchscreen.

i'mWatch available in seven different colors
Weighing just 70 grams i’mWatch intends in future to facilitate the users to control kitchen appliances from the wrist after downloading the app from Apple-style marketplace for users created by the manufacturers.

Powered by the Android OS, the watch uses Bluetooth to link up to users’ smartphones, transmitting phone calls, messages and notifications to the device. 
i’mWatch: World's First Smartphone Watch

Furthermore, unlike the most of the smartphones, the manufacturers have claimed that the battery life of an i’mWatch can last up to 48 hours.

The basic model of i’mWatch costs EUR 249 (GBP 213) available in seven different colors and the company has also produced a range of luxury ‘Jewel’ versions for a whopping EUR 11,999 (GBP 10,286).

According to Blue Sky directors; the company has already received more than half a million online pre-orders for the device.

The i’mWatch is set to market after being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January next year.

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