Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whatever Clock: Eco-friendly Cluster of Jumbled and Misplaced Numbers - A Playful Paradox

The emotions so amazingly articulated by the Whatever Clock might grip you on occasion, or maybe it’s more like your permanent state of being? But no matter your more enthusiastic states in life, this eccentric chronograph certainly has its own time and place.

 IsItNoonYet is the Etsy shop from which the artsy mother of three sells her handmade creations. The crafter makes a broad range of elaborate home decorative items, and it seems that remarkably one-of-a-kind wall clocks remain one of her fortes.

This particular timepiece is made from an old LP record wrapped in cotton fabric and painted lime green. Wavy hour and minute hands express a absence of commitment to accuracy, and the cluster of jumbled and misplaced numbers define the Whatever Clock as a playful paradox.

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