Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smart Radiation Detector: Connect it with Apple iPhone Audio jack and Check the Radiation Levels Around You

The devastating combination of earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March this year, led to the most concerned event of nuclear reactor breaches that if gone unchecked could have resulted in a much higher casualty rate than the calamity itself. Learning from the experiences of Chernobyl and the breached Japanese nuclear reactors, a team of scientists and researchers has come up with a rather interesting product. The all new Smart Radiation Detector, is a small sized variant of the globally recognized Geiger counter and has been designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. Suppose you are in Japan and wish to know about the radiation levels permeating in the air, you can now get that information without having to spend enormous sums on a Geiger counter. The Smart Radiation Detector connects effortlessly to the iPhone’s audio jack and will instantly detect Beta and Gamma radiation levels.

Smart Radiation Detector

This incredible new iPhone accessory can also be used with Apple iPod Touch and iPad devices and the entire concept has been based on the utilization of PIN Photo-diode. This new technology, essentially eliminates the need of costly Geiger-Muller Tube and the detector itself has been designed to fit neatly in a matchbox or FRISK mint-box. The Smart Radiation Detector will be available for a mere $50 and the radiation detection application for iOS devices is available from Apple Apps Store for just $5. The project is currently under funding phase at KickStarter and the group envisions the development of 1000 plus units after gathering about $4375, which will be invested in the manufacturing as well as calibration testing processes.

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