Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pet Loc8tor: Lets You Locate Your Loved Pet Using a Special Wireless Technology and RF Signals

If you’ve ever lost a dog or cat, you know what it’s like to spend hours wandering around in search of them. Since you can’t predict what direction your pet will take, you’re left to pick a direction and hope for the best. That is, unless you have a bit of technology on your side. A simple tracker attached to your pooch or kitty’s collar can mean the difference between losing one of your best friends.

There are a number of solutions on the market, most relying on GPS, which costs a monthly fee to use. This Pet Loc8tor uses a special wireless technology, combined with RF signals to track down your furry friend. The homing tag will attach to their collar, and a small handheld device uses a series of LEDs to indicate how close they are. $80 will get you one locator and two homing tags. A small price to pay to ensure man’s best friend gets home safe and sound.

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