Monday, March 14, 2011

Self Power Generating Watch by Ventura to be Unveiled at BaselWorld 2011

Converting one kind of energy to another leads to various applications and has given birth to many inventions and innovations. Watches have been using kinetic energy or the movement of the hand of the wearer to power the mechanical movement. We take it for granted now as it has been used by watch makers for ages. But Ventura, a watchmaker has stretched this concept further to convert the kinetic energy to electrical energy to power the LCD display of the new watch they have designed.

The new timepiece designed by Ventura is called the SPARC MGS and has mechanisms incorporated in it that uses the movement of the wearer’s hand to generate electric power for its LCD display and other digital bits. The timepiece based on a new concept is set to be unveiled at BaselWorld 2011 in a few weeks from now. The watch is sure to grab the attention of the visitors there for the new concept that has been incorporated in the mechanism.

Ventura has installed an oscillating mass just above the display of the watch that will turn on an average about 4,000 times in a day. These movements help to tension a spring through a set of connecting gears. The spring when fully tensioned will transfer its force to a micro generator that will produce electricity to keep the electronic bits running. To encourage the movement of the wearer’s wrist an EasySkroll system has been incorporated in the watch that allows the wearer to navigate the UI by simply moving the wrist.

Source: Ventura

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