Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Phosphor Reveal: First Mechanical Digital Watch - - Tells You Time With the Movement od Crystals (Video)

Though there may be a lot of interesting watches out there, I’ve got to say that I like this one the best. Mainly because it makes clicky noises when the time changes, but it has a really neat concept.

The American watch brand Phosphor has a wristwatch out named the Phosphor Reveal, and is the first mechanical digital watch that uses Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital technology.  That’s likely a giant tongue twister made up by the company, but it still sounds pretty neat.

This watch is both for the ladies and the gents as it has colors ranging from pink and white to black and gray. Using Swarovski crystals and an electrical pulse, the crystals will turn on their side to “reveal” themselves or disappear. Thus giving you the time of day. It is an awfully expensive timepiece seeing as its $199 and only at selected retailers, but I’d still buy it just to listen to the sounds it makes when the crystals turn. Time has never been more interesting and sparkly.

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