Monday, March 14, 2011

Nokia E-Cu: Designed by Patrrick Hyland - - A Copper-coated Cellphone Charged by Heat in Surroundings

It is very frustrating when you realize that you forgot to pack your cell phone charger on your business trip. The one you borrow from your colleague turns out to be another make and doesn’t fit your phone. Those are the times when you really wish you had a phone that did not require a charger. You are not the only one so Nokia E-Cu concept phone has been developed that need not be plugged in to be charged.

Designer Patrrick Hyland has developed the phone that can soak up energy from any heat source. The designer is confident that the phone would work off the warmth of your pocket also. The phone will charge itself if kept someplace where the temperature ranges between 86 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Initially the phone will take seven hours to be charged fully. After that it will simply keep charging itself if it finds itself in sufficiently high temperature.

There is a thermo generator in the phone that converts heat into electrical energy. The phone has been encased in copper with engraved heat sinks to collect and conduct more heat for the phone. The shimmering copper coating enhances the look of the phone as well. Nokia has no immediate plans to manufacture the phone commercially but Hyland is open to collaborate with anyone who is convinced about its commercial potential. It could be termed a green phone if you consider the saving in terms of chargers not produced and the electricity they consume being plugged in all day.

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