Saturday, March 5, 2011

Icecreamists Limited makers of Breast Milk Ice Cream "Baby Gaga" to be Sued by Lady Gaga

NEW YORK - Lady Gaga and her legal team all set to sue against the Icecreamists Limited restaurant in London for their new breast milk ice cream branded as “Baby Gaga”. 

A deadline of 1600 GMT Wednesday was given to the breast milk ice cream makers in a letter by the Lady Gaga’s lawyers from the firm Mischon de Reya to “cease and desist from in any other way associating with Lady Gaga any ice cream you are offering.”

“Baby Gaga” includes breast milk provided by 15 women as a result of an Internet advertisement. The first set of ice cream was sold out after just a few days from launch. Besides the ice cream bearing a similar name as the Lady Gaga, attendants of the restaurant serving ice cream also dressing up like Lady Gaga, who is known for wearing splashy attire.

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