Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Cooper Transformed into a Louis Vuitton Master Piece by Erftstadt Fahrzeugfolierer (German Tuning Company)

If Louis Vuitton, the French luxury goods maker, ever got into the business of manufacturing cars, this picture below tells you what should anticipate. CoverEFX from Erftstadt Fahrzeugfolierer is a German tuning company that came up with this mind-blowing rendering by carrying black leather look with gold metallic look simultaneously on this Mini Cooper.  The all-in-leather car has gold imprints sticked individually by hand to vibrantly bring out the signature Louis Vuitton feels with the foil adornment skill.

The guys over here left no stone unturned with respect to the detailing here. The wheel and tyres don OZ LM rims in matte black and matte gold metallic that go in sync with the gold imprints. Coming to the technical specifications we have engine benefits of the 211 series hp / 280 Nm in two stages: in stage 1 with software optimization, a 2.5 “Milltek exhaust system with downpipe. There is also a sports catalyst here with a larger L-sports charge air filter 236 HP for your much needed dose of that adrenaline rush.

We aren’t precisely aware as how much this Mini Cooper costs but I’m sure luxe-fanatics have ready to even spend at least half of their wealth, after reading and having a look, on this special car .

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