Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lamborghini External HDD: With 500GB or 750 GB of Storage Space

Lamborghini cars aren’t the only thing that are fast. Even their external HDD are super fast. In case the storage space in your Lamborghini VX6 or VX7 is not sufficient then look no further and get yourself the Lamborghini External HDD. This HDD offers either 500GB or 750 GB of storage space.  The USB 2.0 spins at 5400RPM, while a 750GB USB 3.0 spins at 7200RPM. So it means that data transfer is super duper fast.

These stylish storage devices come in black or white. With a size of 5.33 x 3.13 x 0.7-inch (135.6 x 79.7 x 18mm), these drives are Windows compatible needless to say and also come along with the FlexSave file management. This FlexSave offers a clean user interface wired with a capacity indicator bar, an energy-efficient idle mode, plus a one-click auto backup functionality.

If you are looking for much more space then it might not be the best buy for you. But if you want your HDDs to look stylish then this one by Lamborghini has very little competition. We are not sure of the price but the USB 2.0 with a storage space of 500GB retails for approximately US$119, while the 750 GB comes at around US$139. These will be hitting the US markets soon.

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