Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Jaguar E-Type": The Most Beautiful Car in the World Set to Celebrate Golden Jubilee

Jaguar E-Type first unveiled for general public in 1961 at Geneva Motor Show. Since its first appearance it became a mush-have thing for luxe-fanatics. It is surely one of the most wanted cars whether one can afford it or not. As much as 70,000 units were sold between its launch in 1961 and 1975, which was an amazing figure according to standards prevailed during that period.  

 Jaguar E-Type is described as “the most beautiful car in the world” and it got this title from none other than Enzo Anselmo Ferrari, founder of Ferrari car manufacturer. And even after almost a half century of its existence; car fanatics around the world always have their favourite E-Type model, and that is undeniable proof to the demand of this immensely popular car.

May be up till now, you have got the idea that why ‘Jaguar E-Type’ is being discussed so specially. Yeah, this legendary Jaguar E-Type is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2011 and British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Cars has all the plans to make this Golden Jubilee event memorable for their beloved flagship automobile.

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