Friday, February 11, 2011

INQ Facebook Phone Vows to Improve Interactive Experience Using Social Networks

Few days back we featured here a Facebook branded mobile phone from HTC; which, according to the rumours, was set to unveil at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. But only after few hours of this report gone viral; Facebook official Dan Rose denied saying that the rumours are “overblown”.

Today got yet another news buzzing around web about a Facebook Phone but this time it is from INQ Mobiles. INQ Facebook Phone vows to improve your interactive experience more than its third-party competitors including iPhone, Android Operated smartphones or Widows smartphones. 

The Facebook’s new mobile phone has a big touch-screen display that aspires to better summarize your experience with your online community. INQ Facebook Phone has an integrated Google calendar and contacts, Facebook Chat through the Android instant messaging interface and the home screen is a comprehensive News Feed.

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