Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GoGo Inflight Internet Available on Airtran Flights With Special Free Offer For February 2011

Long flights can be rather dull. A good book can be one way to pass the time, or even watching a movie on your laptop. However, in this age of being constantly connected to the world, being cut off from the internet for a few hours can drive a person crazy. Some airlines have started offering WiFi on their flights, but at a hefty price. Well now there’s one company that will offer you free internet on your flights.

  Seven of the biggest airlines in America have teamed up with aerial Internet provider GoGo and Facebook to offer free in-flight Facebook. Virgin America, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, AirTran, US Airways and Alaska Airlines are all participating in the promotion which runs until the end of February.

The free in-flight Facebook promotion is designed to help sway people towards paying for in-flight Wi-Fi. Travelers will only be allowed access to Facebook, with all other Internet addresses prompting payment and an eventual series of back-clicks.

The catch? You’re only going to be browsing Facebook. That’s not exactly all that exciting, but I guess you can at least talk with your friends. That, and spend the flight playing Farmville.

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InFlight Wi-Fi said...

I've been an avid user of Gogo for 5 months right now and I'm still amaze about the huge benefits it gave to me every time i travel for my business appointments and meetings!

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