Thursday, February 24, 2011

Automower 305 From Husqvarna - - Robotic Grass Mower to Ease You Up in This Autumn

We are still on the last bit of winter, but soon will come the time to keep up with your yard. Though we don’t mind the exercise, (or sometimes we do) mowing the yard can be quite the task if it’s insanely hot outside.

Husqvarna is known for their lawn and garden care product, but their newest offer makes the future of robots doing all out work a reality. I’ve seen robots that sweep floors, and clean windows, but now we have the Automower 305 which lifts the burden of mowing the land manually. Though it only runs about 35 centimeters a second, and can only go for about 40 minutes, this little guy is sure to help cut your mowing time in half. Though it can cover 500 meters of grass for you, it’ll cost $2000, and likely routine cleaning to keep it in optimal condition.

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