Monday, January 24, 2011

Velocity HP 1000: World's Most Expensive Tanning Bed - - With Integrated Cooling System That Makes You Feel Fresh

For the pale skinned out there, tanning is one way to not look like a vampire, and I don’t mean the hot Vampires that they show on T.V. I mean the pasty, sickly kinds. The trend started with the fashion icon Coco Chanel who once on a long trip got tanned and like everything associated with her, even this became a style.

Years later, the tanning beds came and they offered an easy, sure shot solution to everyone’s tanning woes. The latest and the best amongst the tanning beds is the Velocity HP 1000. The Velocity is more powerful than the ones in the market, thanks to its Ultra-Pressure tanning bed. Users get a long lasting color, and can be used by both fair skinned as well as dark skinned users.

The bed also has an integrated cooling system. So while you are being tanned, the variable speed body cooling system makes you feel fresh too. Sitting inside a box cannot be a very interesting experience. So thanks to its 4-speaker and subwoofer stereo system, you can listen to your favourite music to keep yourself entertained. At $33,999, this tanning bed gets the distinction of being the most expensive in the world.

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