Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Yacht Show in Singapore: First of It's Kind in Asia - - Scheduled From April 8 to 10

There is lot of activity and excitement in Singapore as it is playing host to the first super yacht show in Asia. The show to be held this spring will draw the region’s jet set to a marina full of multimillion dollar water toys. Singapore aspires to be the regional mega boating hub but it is the Chinese market with rapidly growing number of nouveau riche shoppers and its yacht building industry that will dominate the event.

The show is scheduled from April 8 to 10. The Singapore Yacht Show will take place at ONE°15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove. Informa Yacht Group, who have a vast experience in the field are the organizers of the event. They have earlier conducted similar successful shows in Monaco and Abu Dhabi. They had also organized the Superyacht Cup Regattas which was highly appreciated by the industry.

Shows like this are extremely important for the industry as it brings together shipyards, brokers, designers, naval architects and anyone with an interest in the industry. It is a high stakes game as some of the most expensive floating real estate in the world is involved. This is an invitation-only event, complete with gala dinner, cocktail receptions, golf tournament and various soirees. You can only wait and hope to be invited.

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