Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spirit of 427 Furniture Line: A Tribute to Carrol Shelby’s Classing Racing Car - - Unique Furniture Line by Polish Company LA Design Studio

If you have been looking for the right furniture that will drench your décor into bouts of luxury, the AC cobra 427 furniture line is a must. The Spirit of 427 is an array of top-notch leather furnishings and is a tribute to Carrol Shelby’s classing racing car.

 The lineup consists of a sofa, an armchair and a coffee tablet. You can complete the ambience 7 by just lighting up few candles and as you sit in one of these conversation pieces, an air of 427 will sweep you off your feet. This is the work of LA Design studio which is seated in Poland. Each of these are made from materials like aluminum, leather and original car parts. It’s not something machines can dole out at the rate of 50 units in a day. About 450 hours of elite craftsmanship goes in making of one sofa piece with the fenders, headlights, mesh grille, and matching stitched seats.

 The coffee table here represents the 427’s hood with the air intake. The makers are willing to design custom pieces on buyer’s request. So you can make some additions and deletions just to make sure you have the best of the Spirit of 427.

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