Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Specifications and Images Leaked Just Before the Launch of Sony PSP2

Is that the Sony PSP2 reportedly set to be unveiled in two days? The hardware certainly looks like images we've seen in the past, and the inclusion of the stylus backs up those recent rumors we've heard about a touchscreen on the device--though, frankly, I think we'd all be surprised is the thing didn't rock the old touchscreen. The console image also squares with rumors that the PSP2 will support dual analog nubs.
 The inclusion of the SD card and PSP2-branded memory stick are in-line with the likely rumors that such a device would abandon the proprietary UMD format that nobody outside of Sony ever really seemed to like.

As Kotaku (who first got ahold of the image) points out, the shot is pretty low-res, meaning that, if it did indeed come from Sony, it's likely not "official art," so much as something pulled off an internal memo.

Adds Kotaku,

The buttons and the d-pad look to be at a slightly different resolution. The copyright in the bottom left, which appears on official Sony images, is cut off, too. Likewise, odd. However, as mentioned above, this purported PSP2 image could be photo taken of official Sony art or of an official Sony handout, hence these resolution inconsistencies.

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