Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ocean Empire LSV: A 44-Meter Solar Hybrid Super Yacht And a Life Support Vessel

It is heartening to see a yacht that focuses beyond luxury and thinks about our environment. The Ocean Empire LSV is a 44 meter Solar Hybrid Super Yacht and a life support vessel. The super yacht has two hydroponic farms and fishing facilities to harvest the sea. The power and energy requirement of the yacht is predominantly met by harnessing three major sources of sustainable energy.

Sun is a major source of energy and the yacht has solar panels, to harness the solar energy, covering the entire surface of the vessel. For a vessel going into the sea, wind is another major source of energy. The yacht has an auxiliary automated Sky Sail that has the capacity to derive the vessel to 18 knots or more. The wind power also charges the GM ESS2 batteries through power sailing KER.

Finally the revolutionary development has been in the field of capturing energy from waves in the sea. Maurer Sohnes Gmbh has helped develop the adjustable tuned mass damper that dampens the motion of the vessel and in the process generates 50 kw of electricity. In short, the Ocean Empire is not dependent on unsustainable resources but harnesses renewable collective power present in the earth’s biosphere.

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