Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Navetta 26: Eco-friendly Luxury Yacht From Italian Yacht Maker Filippetti - - Holder of “GREEN STAR YACHT” Plate

The rich are becoming more conscious about the environment and like products that are designed with environmental sustainability criteria. There is lot of design and research work is going on the field of automobiles but now the yacht makers have started taking steps in this direction. Filippetti, the Italian yacht maker is working on a green collection and released recently Navetta 26, a luxury yacht that is first in their eco-chic series of yachts.

Navetta 26’s displacement hull, soft and rounded lines, low emissions and consumption, long range fuel and water have been designed with environmental sustainability in mind. Even the event organized for the launch of the yacht was a zero impact event on the sea where the emission of carbon dioxide during the event was totally offset by the reduction of CO2 in the same quantity. Filippetti Yacht’s Navetta 26 was on display at the Marina of Rimini for the benefit of the clients and press.

Navetta 26 is a yacht that cares for the environment and Registro Italiano Navale presented to Fausto Filippetti the plate “GREEN STAR YACHT”, the noble recognition reached only by boats that provide environmental protection and energy saving. This is the starting point of a new and exciting project for the Filippetti family and they thanked one and all for their support.

Source: Filippetti

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