Friday, January 14, 2011

HD Goggles Produced by Liquid Image - - Hi-def full 1080p HD Movie Recording While You're Enjoying Skiing

If you’ve ever gone skiing, you’ve probably found it to be a pretty thrilling experience. Watching from the sidelines just doesn’t do the sport justice. The same can be said about taking footage of a run. Having someone point a camera at you won’t produce the same sort of thrill that a helmet cam would. That’s why the people at Liquid Image have produced these HD Goggles.

We’ve seen helmet cams in the past, but mounting a camera to the side of a helmet can be a hassle. This one has the camera mounted right on the goggles. This reduces the amount of time spent setting up the camera so that you can spend more time on the slopes. Also, with the camera right on your forehead, you’re going to eliminate the off-center video that you would otherwise get. The camera shoots in full 1080p HD, and stores the files on an SD card (up to 32GB). Unfortunately there is no word on pricing.

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